About Sapphire Cleaning

We like when it’s clean around

Sapphire senior management team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the cleaning industry. Our management team consists of two directors and ten people looking after over 50 cleaners

Our Standards

At sapphire we employ contract managers whose role is to make sure that our clients cleaning contract is running smoothly and that we are delivering reliable and professional cleaning services. Part of this service is to carry out regular cleaning audits where contracts managers inspect the sites to ensure that the cleaning has been carried out to a high standard noting any necessary improvements.



Contract managers introduce the cleaning schedule to all staff members to make sure that cleaning requirements are fully understood. Training of new staff takes place on site and all cleaning operatives receive full induction training irrespective of experience. We regularly monitor and assess the standard of work delivered by the cleaning operatives and any retraining required is provided by either the site supervisor, contract manager or operations manager.


As well as regular audits we provide a daily communication log book which is left on site for you to communicate directly with cleaning staff. This is especially useful if the cleaning is performed outside of working hours. Communication is a two way process, the log book also allows our cleaners to let you know about anything which may need to be brought to your attention. Our operations team is supported by a strong head office team that provides customers with additional support when needed. Every cleaning audit is received by our customer service department who ensures that any issues are resolved appropriately keeping the customer up to date at all times.

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